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Why Peter Parker is feared of Italian demon with throst pighunter!

Por Alberto Sebastian Martinez-Cava , 12 febrero, 2019

If you (or your ex-boyfriend’s brother) have a Netflix account and a predilection for rom-coms, chances are you’ve already enjoyed the streaming service’s latest romantic offering, Falling Inn Love — and subsequently developed a crush on its leading man, Australian actor Adam Demos. Don’t worry, we get it.

With his camera-ready looks (have you ever seen a longer torso?) and easy aptitude on screen, it might surprise some to learn that Demos came to the acting game a little later than most. Growing up in the small, blue-collar town of Wollongong, about 50 miles south of Sydney, he didn’t consider acting to be a realistic career choice and instead started working construction after graduating from high school, temporarily burying his aspirations.

“It took me a long time to get up the courage to give it a try,” Demos tells EW. Finally, at age 23, he took the plunge, calling his mom one fateful day and telling her to Google acting classes in the area. “I was raised by a mum who encouraged me to go with my gut,” Demos says. “I called her that day because I couldn’t stop thinking about acting. I had to get rid of it somehow; I just had bite the bullet and try it or commit to the life that I was living right now. With acting, you jump in front of the camera and either you love it or you realize you just like watching movies, so I had to figure out which one was me.”

With his mom’s online search turning up a drama school in Sydney, Demos signed up immediately, regularly making the hour-and-a-half journey to the city to attend a beginners’ class. Soon he was impressing teachers enough to land a role in a play. There was just one problem. “I’d never actually seen a play before — that shows you how green I was,” Demos says with a laugh.

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